Weird Dreams! Chapter 1

I once had a weird dream and this is what happened… I was at school and I raised my hand and asked to go to the bathroom. The teacher said yes, I left the class and went to the bathroom. Got in the bathroom, did my business, walked out, and strolled back into the classroom. Walked to my desk and put my head in my textbook. I casually looked up noticing how quiet it was and saw that everybody was shaped like Cantaloupes. I shook my head and did a double take and nothing changed. Then they started to grow fangs, legs, and arms. I quickly got out of my seat ran down the hall and hid behind a corner. Everything seemed to be Gone after a good 10 minutes, so I got up and looked around and saw more and more cantaloupes surrounding me. I ran through them and quickly noticed a stinging pain in my neck I had been bitten, then I woke up and it ended!

That surprisingly was a real dream I had :(

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