A$AP Rocky, now known as one of the most stylish men in hip hop has just released his new debut album titled, Long.Live.A$AP. When high-end clothing retailer “Oki-Ni” featured “The Pretty Mothafucka” as a guest for their new STYLED series, people got hype. 

In the feature, Rocky is seen wearing some of the dopest brands that the store carries. Margiela, Raf Simons, and Kenzo, to name a few. Wanna cop what A$AP has on in this edition of STYLED ? Click here to use Oki-Ni’s interactive gallery, but be ready to drop some big bills.

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    “Styled by A$AP Rocky”from London’s OKI-NI menswear shop. Featuring clothes by Kenzo, Paul Smith and Margiela.
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